May 31, 2011


It was one of the recent bedtimes.

"Papa, what story will tell you today?"
"I want to repeat one that I told the day before yesterday. OK?"
"No, please tell a new one today."

After 'bargaining' for a moment, I start thinking hard for a story. 

"Well, do you want a story about a lovely girl or a lovely boy."
"A lovely girl."
"Well then, lets first decide a beautiful name for this lovely girl. What name do you like?"

We spend a couple of minutes on 'beautiful' names and finally agree on 'Saniya'. 

"There was a very big city. It was really very very big.------------. There were a lot of people in that city. And a lot of schools too. -------. Thousand schools. Yes, there were thousand schools."
"Papa, how much is thousand?"
"You know hundred, don't you? When there are 10 hundreds, it's thousand. Hundred, two hundreds, three hundreds, four hundreds, ------------- and thousand.

In these schools, there were a lot of beautiful lovely kids. In fact all the kids were beautiful and lovely. Among them was a little cute girl called Saniya. She was very friendly and had a lot of friends. 

Saniya had a dog which was called 'Sirku'. Saniya was good friends with Sirku too. Every morning Sirku used to go to school with Saniya. It came back to home after Saniya entered the gate and it used to wait Saniya in front of the gate in the afternoon. 

Sometimes this Sirku used to go out with his friends Mirku and Tirku. Saniya used to go to school alone on these days. Sometimes Sirku used to go to some far places with his friends and come back very late.
On one such day, while coming back from school, Saniya saw a pink rabbit. ---------------

"Papa, what happened after that?"

"Hmm---- Saniya saw a pink rabbit. When it walked, its feet shone with green light. Its head too shone, with blue light.  Saniya started following it. She was so attracted by the rabbit that she forgot to go home. Saniya followed the rabbit to Jungle.

There was a cave in the middle of the Jungle. Rabbit entered the cave. Now Saniya was alone. It was already dark."

"Poor Saniya----!", Aryaa was almost crying.
"Don't worry Aryaa. Saniya is a brave girl. Nothing will happen to her."

Saniya sat on a big stone there. There was a small river nearby. The stones in this river were colorful and glittering. Saniya collected some stones played with them. Then she started throwing back these stones to the river. When two such colorful stones collided, there was a very bright light and a fairy emerged from that light.
"Dear Saniya, why did you call me?"
"I--- I didn't call you fairy."
"Saniya, those small stones are called the 'fairy stones' and when two of them collide, I will come. OK, tell me what you wish."
"I want to have some dinner."
Then the fairy started rotating the magic stick in her hand and also chanted some MANTRA. 

'MMMMMMhumham angebangesangepange simsimjimjim--------- dhattttttt-----!'"
"Hi Hi Hi----" Aryaa was amused by the MANTRA and that loud "--dhatttttt!"

"Saniya also got a beautiful small house and a bed on top of that big stone. The fairy also told her that she will awake in her own bed in her house. To fulfill every wish, the fairy moved her magic stick in the air and chanted some crazy mantra like 'MMMMMMhumham angebangesangepange simsimjimjim--------- dhattttttt-----!' and 'MMMMMMhumham sirikmirikjhirik taktukthakthuk milikmilik-------- dhattttttt!"

When she opened her eyes the next morning, Saniya was in her own bed."

Next day, Aryaa demanded some revision in this story. She didn't like Saniya in the jungle alone. The revised version too will be here soon:)


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