Jul 11, 2011

20 minutes' limit

Aryaa joined Nursery grade in a school here after coming back from Japan. Her age was a year more than that is considered normal for nursery, but we decided to admit her in nursery as she had language problems. She knew very little Nepali and no English at all. School children start learning English from the Nursery grade these days.

Aryaa did well both in Nepali and English. Her exam results too were good. So after discussing with her teachers, we made her skip the LKG (lower kindergarten) grade and admitted her in the UKG (upper kindergarten) grade.

A lot of homework started to come with UKG. While in Nursery, it used to be a page only, like copying some alphabets or simple words and 'fill' the page. UKG seemed harder! We could see Aryaa's difficulty in adjusting to such new 'environment'.

While helping her with her homework, I noticed that she greatly enjoyed doing it for the first 10 minutes. She didn't much enjoy the next 10 minutes but it was manageable. After 20 minutes however, everything went awry. She didn't enjoy the books and pencils at all after that. She would stare at the ceiling and seemed tired and sleepy. 

So we broke her HW time whenever there was more than '20 minutes' of it.

I hate the 'too much homework' culture that is prevailing in Nepal these days. Teachers and guardians don't take care of child psychology at all. They all think that loads of homework only will make a child wise and disciplined.

We need creative ways of teaching small children.


N K M said...

Taare jami pe said it well...

"It is about competition, just bend it hard. Bend it even if the finger breaks down."

bhuju said...

Yes, I also found same with my daughter. She also studying in UKG in Pokhara. When in Bhaktapur school, it's partial Montessori type so less homework and play more but here now it's difficult for her, not enjoying study and homework. It's better give this reaction to their teachers isn't so?

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