Aug 12, 2011

Her Most Creative Time

There is no doubt that children are creative. But I will now add "--only if they are saved from TV".

It's not that I am a TV hater or anything like that. I think a balanced TV time, with carefully selected programs will certainly do a lot good to enhance their imagination and vocabulary and help teach them many new activities. TV starts damaging them when it gets more than one hour a day (in average). They will then learn only to sit in front of it and watch whatever is airing. I think even their thought process will be slowed as they don't need to imagine anything. It's better to give them their 'own' TV time (i. e. no switching to other channels time to time by adults) for 30 minutes or even 1 hour and after that switch off the TV. Then make them recall what they just viewed and what do they think of what they viewed etc. They will explain everything so interestingly in their own simple and innocent words. They will add their own imagination and fantasy too. This is my experience with Aryaa. She too sometimes wanted too much of TV but I think our intervention has been successful so far and she can be persuaded to switch off the TV. She is as happy as watching (if not happier), to 'explain' what all those funny characters in her favorite cartoons did, how they jumped, how they laughed and how they distorted their faces.... 

Let me repeat it again, persuading them is not easy. Any scolding or threatening will not do. It needs total honesty from parents' side that they don't interfere in the kid's 'own' TV time.

I have observed that when she is 'saved' from TV, Aryaa immediately gets engaged in other activities like collecting all her dolls and 'teaching' them with a marker and a small whiteboard in her hands, dancing, drawing or make us read something for her. Her level of concentration in such activities is very high in the evening after dinner. She doesn't like to go to bed early, she has always been like this.

But it's nice as long as she is creatively concentrated. Though tired and sleepy myself, I really love to watch 'her most creative time'.


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