Nov 10, 2011

First Shopping list

It was in morning, a few days ago. Her parents were talking about the things which were to be bought in the afternoon.
"I will make the shopping list", Aryaa, still in her breakfast, said.
"OK---", I gave her a piece of paper.

"Please by all these---", She handed me back the piece of paper with the list.

Her first shopping list includes fruits only. She has tried to write "Strawberry" in the third one, but in Nepali (Devnagari script). She has tried to write a relatively hard word here and has made mistake. But she tried it, and that's the best thing.  The last one is KAGATI (meaning lemon in Nepali).

I hope she will enjoy reading her first ever shopping list in future:)


Chhatra said...

Her base language might be different than English and Nepali, am I right? Children usually catch things faster in their growing brain by creating enough space to store them. I hope, Aryachan will get good progress in Nepali since she is living there.

nepalidude said...

Beautiful blog. I've added you to my bloglist. What would you want as a description of your blog?

Thank you :D

Basanta said...

Thank you Chhatrajee for the comment! She was born in Japan and was there until she was 4. So Nepali and English are 2nd and 3rd language for her. She has improved her Nepali and English a lot now.

Thank you Nepalidude! Thank you for adding this blog to your list. The short description that you have written is exact and enough.

Avinash said...

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