May 12, 2012

Not What You Expect from a Teacher

“Papa, why is our ‘Nepali’ teacher always so angry with me?” Aryaa said during dinner some days ago.  
“Is that so?” we were surprised by this, we hadn’t heard like this before.
‘Yes, it is. She seems she doesn’t like me. She is irritated whenever I ask anything. When I don’t understand something and ask her ‘teacher what’s this?’ she scolds me and says ‘you are the biggest student of this class and you don’t know even this?’”

Now we were really worried. It’s not what we expect from a teacher. It’s really very bad to treat a child like that.

So I went to the school the next day and had a lengthy discussion with the Principal. He was sorry for the teacher and promised to talk with her, and also with all other teachers. He promised that it won’t happen again. Aryaa hasn’t talked about any similar incident recently, so we hope her teacher is not behaving like that now.

And about this ‘biggest---‘ tag. Aryaa is having some problem because of her height. She is taller than all of her classmates, so everybody thinks she is older. The teacher, at least should have checked her birth date in school records before making any conclusions. This used to happen in Japan too. Aryaa started going to kindergarten when she was one and she was always taller than all the kids in her classes. Her teachers used to carry smaller ones in lap during story times etc. Aryaa too expected this affection but she got very few such chances because of her height. It’s not that her teachers didn’t love her, but they always tended to the smaller ones first.

Taller children are thought of being older in age too. You can’t blame someone in the street thinking like that but a teacher should be careful about the psychology of the child.