Jul 6, 2012

Stars and butterflies

It was more than six months ago.

"Papa, what do humans become when they die?" Aryaa asked suddenly one day. I knew that question would come someday and I was afraid of that. I avoided talking about death as much as possible. My stories for Aryaa were always deathless:) But my efforts were meaningless. I now think Aryaa's knowing and asking about death was a part of natural development of her understanding of life. 
"Well, hmmm----, when we die, our soul comes out and it goes------" I just couldn't coin any answer.
"What's 'soul'?" She asked again innocently. Probably, she had heard 'soul' for the first time.
"Well,-----, soul is inside us------' I started to become more and more incoherent. Aryaa was staring at me, and seemed very unsatisfied. I too would become
"Well, we become stars when we die." I was relieved at being able to find a good 'answer. And I quickly changed the topic to her favorite cartoons as I was afraid that more difficult 'philosophical' questions would come out of her innocent mind.

"Papa, Yukta says we become butterflies when we die." She said again after a few days.
"Who told her so?"
"Yukta says her Papa and Mama said so."
"OK, well----. Some people become stars and some butterflies. People choose it themselves." I don't remember what we talked about after that, but it wasn't anything philosophical.

During last six months, she has heard about some deaths in relatives' families. Her school too was closed for a day due to the death of one of its founders. She also came to know that dead bodies are cremated in some societies and buried in some. So she has found a lot of questions to ask. 

I will post about that in my future posts.